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  • Ephesians

Written by John M. Fowler.  

He founded the church at Ephesus with 12 male believers (Acts 19:7). Paul spent the next three years calling people away from the goddess Diana to a crucified Savior. They burned their occult literature in huge bonfires. As the merchants of Diana raged over lost income, "the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power" (verse 20, NIV).

The Paul wrote them an immortal letter. Today, through that letter, the God who touches untouchables and reconciles enemies still speaks: "You are My body. You are one. You are holy. Through prayer you have power over the spiritual gifts. Bear fruit for the kingdom."

With insights from the Indian tradition, John M. Fowler surveys the message of Ephesians--'the Alps of the New Testament"--and its wall-breaking, barrier-smashing gospel of new relationships that brings all races, nationalities, and castes into one new community in Christ.

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