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KJV, Academy Study Bible Onyx Edition With E.G White Commentary & Strong's Hebrew And Greek Lexicon

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Classic Series KJV Giant Print Reference Bible

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World Watch

Most People are Vitamin D Deficient

Approximately 38% of healthy young adults and approximately 57% of inpatients in the United States and Europe suffer from Vitamin D deficiency - a staggering figure. Vitamin D is essential to strong bones and also to optimal muscle function. It has also been connected to reduced risk of death from heart failure, barious cancers, hypertension and diabetes. It’s that important.
The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine Issue 41.  pg. 45.

San Francisco-run homeless encampment costs $60K per tent

San Francisco spends more than $60K per tent at homeless sites. Now it’s being asked for another $15 million for the program. The San Francisco’s homelessness department is pushing to continue an expensive tent encampment program that it says is crucial for keeping people off the sidewalks, despite its high price tag of more than $60,000 per tent, per year.
The city has six so-called “safe sleeping villages,” where homeless people sleep in tents and also receive three meals a day, around-the-clock security, bathrooms and showers. The city created these sites during the pandemic to quickly get people off crowded sidewalks and into a place where they can socially distance and access basic services.
The program currently costs $18.2 million for about 260 tents. Unlike the city’s homeless hotel program, the tent villages are not eligible for federal reimbursement. Some of the sites have been run by nonprofits Urban Alchemy, Dolores Street Community Services and Larkin Street Youth Services.
The US Government Is On Track to Top Last Year’s Record-Breaking Deficits

The Treasury department has issued its spending and revenue report for April 2021, and it’s clear the US government is headed toward another record-breaking year for deficits.
According to the report, the US federal government collected $439.2 billion in revenue during April 2021, which was a sizable improvement over April 2020 and over March 2021. Indeed, April 2021’s revenue total was the largest since July of last year when the federal government collected 563.5 billion following several months of delays on tax filing deadlines beyond the usual April 15 deadline. (Not surprisingly, in most years, April tends to be the federal government’s biggest month for tax collections.)
In spite of April’s haul, however, the federal government managed to spend much more than that, with spending topping $664 billion during April. This means the federal government ran a sizable deficit in April of 225.6 billion. This was a middling sum compared to other monthly deficits this fiscal year (which began on October 1), but deficits are adding up fast.

Calgary pastor accused of organizing and promoting gatherings to appear in court

Artur Pawlowski, 48, was released from custody Monday night and is due in court May 17.
A court date has been set for a Calgary pastor accused of violating public health orders to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Calgary police released Artur Pawlowski from custody Monday evening. He was arrested Saturday and charged for organizing an illegal in-person gathering, and promoting and attending an illegal gathering. He was arrested Saturday and charged for organizing an illegal in-person gathering, and promoting and attending an illegal gathering.
Rallies and protests against lockdowns, masks and other COVID-19 regulations have been occurring regularly in Alberta. Also Saturday, police ticketed protesters leaving a rally against public health restrictions outside a central Alberta cafe after the establishment was closed by health officials earlier in the week.
Hundreds of people also gathered the weekend before near Bowden, also in central Alberta, for a pre-advertised maskless “No More Lockdowns”’ protest rodeo.

Here’s why eating garlic and onions can prevent hypertension and diabetes

Alliums are disease-fighting vegetables widely used as everyday food and traditional medicines. This incredible family of edible medicinal plants is composed of garlic, white and purple onions, leeks, chives, scallions and shallots. According to studies, alliums contain unique compounds called organosulfur compounds and natural antioxidants called polyphenols that are responsible for their disease-fighting activities.
Researchers concluded that garlic, white onion and purple onion can be used to treat or prevent diabetes and hypertension, thanks to their ability to inhibit ACE, a-amylase and a-glucosidase activity, as well as lipid peroxidation in the pancreas and the heart.