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  • Ganozhi Toothpaste

 Ganozhi Toothpaste   150 gram.  

 Ingredients:  Dicalcium Phosphate, Aqua, Sucrose, Glycerin, Algin, Menthol, Ganoderma lucidim (Mushroom extract), Metha piperita   (Peppermint) oi, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

 Great for oral health yet can be used topically as an everyday salve.  Has been used on age spots, skin cancers, warts, aching joints and  other skin conditions.  No Fluoride, artificial colour, flavour, sweetening or preservative.

 Ganoderma, also known as Ling-Zhi (Chinese) or Reishi (Japanese) and as “the King of Herbs” contains over 200 Nutraceutical and 50   Nutritional properties, the highest known in any one herb or plant.  The cells in our body use these to help the natural balancing and   maintenance required for good health.

 Inside the Mouth:  A healthy mouth has no ulcers, tooth decay, gum diseases, loose teeth or plaque.

 Only a small amount of Ganozhi paste is needed FOR GOOD MOUTH HYGIENE. (Unlike some commercial toothpastes, this DOES NOT   CONTAIN Fluoride, Aluminium Dioxide, Aspartame (Saccharin), Phenylalanine or Potassium Nitrate.)  

 May be used directly from the tube as a paste on any skin condition:  Apply twice daily or as required until you get results.

 Ganoderma Toothpaste may be used for Pain Relief on:  Muscles, Throat, Chest etc.  Simply apply a warm damp cloth to any area in pain ( to   open up the pores) and then apply a small amount of paste.


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Ganozhi Toothpaste

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