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  • Collected Writings of Joseph Harvey Waggoner

Collected Writings of Joseph Harvey Waggoner


  • A Collection of Some Sixteen Books and Six Pamphlets. Waggoner, Joseph Harvey (1820-1889). Editor, Author, and Evangelist.
  • Waggoner was a self-taught man, a printer with a Baptist background who first heard and accepted the Sabbatarian Adventist message
  • in 1851. He became associated with the other leaders in the young church in the 1850s, doing evangelistic work and authoring books
  • while still working at his trade. His book The Law of God: An Examination of the Testimony of Both Testaments in 1854 became the
  • forerunner of the controversy over the law and the gospel that would erupt some 30 years later (Manuscripts and Memories of
  • Minneapolis, pp. 152.5; 304.2; 305.3). He moved to California in 1878 to manage Signs of the Times which he later edited.Ellen
  • White's counsel to Waggoner frequently addressed the dynamics of his marriage and his temperament. His wife's influence was
  • unsanctified and he often was harsh and critical. Ellen White's greatest challenge as a messenger of the Lord to him was addressing
  • in 1886 the affinity he developed in California to a married woman. He left California for Battle Creek, but geographical change did
  • not equate with heart change. Ellen White continued to work for his deep and full repentance in counsel with the GC president (21MR 380).
  • Apparently the church leaders felt confident of his standing, and sent him that year to Europe to be editor of our German and French publication.
  • He served in this capacity until his death three years later.

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Collected Writings of Joseph Harvey Waggoner

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