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  • Collected Writings of Stephen Nathan Haskell

Collected Writings of Stephen Nathan Haskell

  Nearly seventy sermons, letters, and comments, plus four major books with hundreds of original graphics and marginal notes. Haskell, S. N.

(1833-1922)— Evangelist, administrator, missionary. In 1853, as a self-supporting preacher, he and his wife Mary accepted the Sabbath.

He was ordained as an SDA minister in 1868, and in 1870 was the first president of the New England Conference. He and his wife established the

Tract and Missionary Society, which he helped organize throughout the church from 1870 to 1889. He was president also of the California,

Maine, and New England conferences. He founded South Lancaster Academy (later Atlantic Union College). From 1889-1891 he was sent

on a trip around the globe to evaluate mission opportunities.At Ellen White’s direction he moved from preaching to teaching, promoting the

question-and-answer method of sharing Bible truth through the Bible Training School and Bible Handbook. Mary died in 1894, and Stephen

served as a missionary in Africa and Australia from that time until 1899, marrying Hetty Hurd in 1897. The couple did city evangelism from

1901-1912 in New York; Nashville; San Bernardino and Oakland, California; and Portland, Maine. In New York they had a team of twenty nurses,

Bible instructors, cooking school instructors, and young canvassers. Sale of his books Daniel the Prophet (1901) and Seer of Patmos (1905) and

periodicals (Bible Training School) were used to help support the evangelism. He also published The Cross and Its Shadow and Bible Handbook.

Toward the end of his life he and his wife worked to raise $60,000 to fund the building of the Ellen G. White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles.

Adventist Pioneer Library, Ellen G. White Writings, Comprehensive Research Edition 2008, https://egwwritings.org/ The four books included in

this collection are each a classic in their category. The first two volumes—one on the book of Daniel and the other on The Revelation—are considered

by many to be better than the book Daniel and The Revelation by Uriah Smith. The last two volumes—The Cross and Its Shadow, and

The Bible Handbook—are truly unique and are a profitable study for every Christian.“When men come in who would move one pin or pillar from

the foundation which God has established by His Holy Spirit, let the aged men who were pioneers in our work speak plainly, and let those who are

dead speak also, by the reprinting of their articles in our periodicals. Gather up the rays of divine light that God has given as He has led His people

on step by step in the way of truth. This truth will stand the test of time and trial.” — Ellen G. White, Ms 62, 1905, The Retirement Years, 21.

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Collected Writings of Stephen Nathan Haskell

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