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  • Christ, Muhammad and I

He was a respected Muslim leader, but he walked away from Islam.

Here's why:

For years Mohammad Al Ghazoli, a scholar and an advisor of Libyan President Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi, believed and taught Islam as the true religion.  But after reading in his Qur'an that Allah misleads whoever he wants, he wondered if one of Allah's names is 'the Misleader'.  As he dove into the Qur'an, the Hadith and other holy books, he asked these essential questions:

Is Allah the true God?

Is Muhammad the prophet of God?

If Allah is not God, who is the true God?

What he found disturbed him greatly.  And in his heart he walked away from Islam. Evantually, he read the Bible and found the God he had sought, a God of compassion, forgiveness and honesty, who does not change or go back on His word. 

This thoroughly documented book, originally written in Arabic, will help you understand the religion of Islam, the god they worship and the man they call the Prophet of Allah.

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Christ, Muhammad and I

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