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  • Answers to Objections to Our Authorized Bible

Written by B. G. Wilkinson.  From 1611 to 1881 the King James Version reigned supreme.  

Then came the first 'Revised Version' which opened the lid to Pandora's Box.  From that time on there

has been a steady stream of new translations into English, each purporting to be better than all others.

Excuses for these numerous 'perversions' ran from updating archaic language of 1611 KJV, to including

latest findings in ancient manuscripts and archaeological digs.  Sounds great if that was all they did! 

But what actually happened was a gradual changing of doctrine as found in the Received Text.

Fundamentalists are becoming confused by the texts being quoted from the pulpit nowadays and from

the quotes in various periodicals and current religious books. 

Is there a real problem with the King James Version's doctrines as compared to the message given the

prophets?  Have we been led (in spite of the Holy Spirit's guidance) to hold false doctrines within our church?

One of the most serious problems facing the Seventh-day Adventist Church today is the insistence of our

leadership and school system in adopting in particular the New International Version for use in our pulpits

and schools.  Our doctrines of the Investigative Judgement and 2300 Year Prophecy cannot be substantiated

with the NIV.  These doctrines came from God, in spite of so-called modern theology, and a study in this book

will help you discern where and when these texts came into being.  And when and where the false modern

ones came on the scene.

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Answers to Objections to Our Authorized Bible

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