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  • Is There Not a People?

Written by Dan Jarrard

Dan Jarrard innocently decided to share the results of his Biblical research at the Wednesday night meetings at the church he pastored. Those Bible studies hit a theological raw nerve and the reaction caused disharmony and sent him into a depression that nearly destroyed his marriage and career. The tension became so intense that his wife separated from him for a while, and he was asked to resign his pastorate.

He moved to another state and found a job as a salesman, vowing never to stand behind a pulpit again. For two years he kept his vow. Then one day when he was home alone, the dammed-up grief burst. Going to the desk drawer he found the research that had almost devastated his life and began to tear it to shreds. At the same time he screamed at the top of his lungs to God, “Is there not a people? Is there not a people who want to hear all You have to say?”

This is the story of God’s answer to Dan’s question … The story of his spiritual journey in search of people who honor the Biblical truths God’s Holy Spirit had brought him to accept. God guided him back to the pulpit by amazing and even miraculous paths. It is a story that reveals the providence and love behind God’s dealing with all of us.

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Is There Not a People?

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