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  • Guide to Christian Perfection

Written By Charles Fitch

Is perfection in the Christian life an impossible dream or a reality? In "Guide to Christian Perfection," author Charles Fitch describes how the power of Christ can give victory over sin. A successful Presbyterian minister, Fitch accepted the advent message from reading William Miller's lectures and through his meeting with Josiah Litch. He threw himself wholeheartedly into the proclamation of the expected advent of Christ at the close of the 2300-year period, and became a prominent leader in the advent awakening. Fitch devoted his life to preaching the necessity of personal preparation, and showed how the power of Christ could give victory over sin. Fitch worked untiringly and unselfishly to prepare people for Christ's coming. Just eight days before Oct 22, 1844, he died of pneumonia after baptizing three groups of people consecutively in the chilly Lake Erie waters. Included in this interesting book is a transcript of the sermon titled, "The Power of the Gospel," in which Fitch expounds upon Romans 1:16 and the relationship of the Gospel of Christ to the Christian life.

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Guide to Christian Perfection

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