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  • Estrogen & Breast Cancer

In 1940, an American woman's lifetime risk of breast cancer was about 1 in 20. in 1996 it is 1 in 8. This new edition of the ground-breaking Estrogen and Breast Cancer chronicles the evidence linking the alarming rise in breast cancer to the parallel increase in the use of estrogen products, especially the Pill and hormone replacement therapy.

Estrogen and Breast Cancer spotlights a critical dilemma of modern medicine: how to balance a drug's benefits against its risks. Carol Ann Rinzler urges women and their doctors to re-think the routine use of hormones for contraception and menopause. She avoids a blanket condemnation of estrogen, asking instead that doctors tailor prescriptions to the woman, based on her medical history and risk factors for breast cancer, Finally, she calls for a more informed public debate, demanding that healthcare professionals reveal the true risks of estrogen to the women they treat. 

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Estrogen & Breast Cancer

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