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On 20 June, 1987, the Turkish Government established the new Noah’s Ark National Park. This followed a Government commission which confirmed the 10 years of research work on the site by an American, Ronald Wyatt and his colleagues. 
The site was first brought to their attention in the late 1950s after a high altitude aerial survey photograph revealed a boat-shaped structure in the mountains of the Ararat region. 
Although initially dismissed by some, Ron Wyatt and others undertook extensive investigative work on the site for nearly a decade.
Employing such methods as subsurface interface radar scanning, metal detection surveys, core-drilling, etc, the results were spectacular. Buried at an altitude of 6,300 feet was the physical remains of a man-made structure, which appeared to be the remains of an  enormous ship. After examining the data collected on the site, Professor Dr. Ekrem Akurgal, considered by many to be “The Dean of Turkish Archaeologists’ stated “... it is a ship, an ancient ship... It must be preserved”...
Wyatt’s results led to serious interest by Turkish scientists and archaeologists, and ultimately a high-level Government commission was convened to consider all the evidence gathered. The official conclusion was the site did indeed contain the remains of the legendary ark of Noah. As a result, a new National Park was established.
Naturally, the conclusion of the Turkish Government has been resisted by some in academic circles, for the implications of this discovery are very far-reaching. However the evidence is abundant, and consistently points to this site as being the remains of the Biblical Noah’s Ark, an object for which so many have searched.

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